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Krisada Thai Massage Salons In Mount Maunganui & Te Puke

At Krisada Thai Massage Salons in Mount Maunganui and Te Puke, we offer a range of massages to help reduce back pain. 

The massages we offer fall under two different categories: bodywork therapy and express therapy. Bodywork therapies incorporate special oils or stones into the massage and tend to last longer, while express therapies are for those who only have a little time and want to enjoy the immediate results of an express therapy. 

Missed Appointment Policy: If your appointment is missed, cancelled or rescheduled within 6 hours of the scheduled time and is unable to be re-booked, the lessor of the treatment cost or $125 is charged to cover the cost of the lost appointment. 

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Thai Therapeutic Massages

The Thai therapeutic massage is an advanced bodywork therapy which uses techniques from the Thai medical massage and Tok Sen which combine to help locate and repair the back muscles which are ailing you. 

As the name suggests, this type of massage is therapeutic rather than relaxing – but that’s what is needed to help cure your back pain! This therapy uses rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting and deep stretching to correct posture, rebalance the body and, in turn, alleviate the pain. 

Thai therapeutic massages are particularly effective at reducing lower back pain.  If you find that your back is getting stiff, assisted yoga poses are also an effective way to help improve mobility. 

Sessions are available from 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes and 180 minutes. 

Back Pain Treatments, Krisada Thai Massage Mount Maunganui and Te Puke

Hot Stone Massages 

This bodywork therapy incorporates smooth, flat stones which are heated to the perfect temperature and placed on the problem area, such as your back. 

Our expert Thai massage therapist will alternate between warmed basalt stones and cool marble stones to relax both you and your body. These stones will be used in the massage process, allowing the therapist to focus on the specific muscle groups causing you pain. This massage is particularly good at helping relieve muscle pain and tension. 

Appointment time slots are available from 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes and 180 minutes. 

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massages 

Krisada Thai Massage Salons in Te Puke and Mount Maunganui also offer express therapies such as our 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage.  Let our massage therapist know exactly where your back is hurting you so we can best utilise the time and work on this area. 

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Massage Appointments At The Best Thai Massage Salons In Te Puke & Mount Maunganui 

Book a massage at Krisada Thai Massage Salons in Te Puke and Mount Maunganui by calling us on the number below or you can book online.  When calling, please explain that you are experiencing back pain so we can work on a plan to help you.  You can find our Mount salon on the corner of Totara Street and Rata Street and are welcome to park in one of our parking spaces.