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The Health Benefits Of Wiang Kalong Green Tea

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green tea at krisada thai massage salon in mount mauntanuiAt Krisada Thai Massage Salons we pride ourselves in helping you achieve a fulfilled state of wellness. A simple, yet effective way of doing this is by drinking green tea - which is said to be one of the healthiest drinks on the planet!

Our green tea (Camellia Sinensis) is organically grown, harvested, sun-dried and packed all by hand at Wiang Kalong temple.  By purchasing Wiang Kalong green tea you are supporting the temple community, particularly the elderly and infirm who do not have family to care for them.

Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants and healthy bioactive components which have a multitude of health benefits.  Indeed, green tea can help protect you from illness before you’re even sick!  

Green Tea May Help You Lose Weight 

Wiang Kalong green tea tends to be a key ingredient in fat burning supplements as it helps increase the rate of fat burning which helps lead to weight loss. This means drinking this tea can boost your metabolism! Also, it helps reduce body fat, especially that pesky fat around the abdominal area. Try green tea alongside your diet today – what is there to lose (other than fat)! 

Wiang Kalong Green Tea May Help You To Live Longer 

Green tea can help protect against many diseases such as: 


green tea at krisada thai massage salon in mount mauntanuiBreast Cancer


green tea at krisada thai massage salon in mount mauntanuiProstate Cancer


green tea at krisada thai massage salon in mount mauntanuiColorectal Cancer


green tea at krisada thai massage salon in mount mauntanuiHeart Disease


green tea at krisada thai massage salon in mount mauntanuiStroke


green tea at krisada thai massage salon in mount mauntanuiType 2 Diabetes. 


Green tea can help lower the risk of some cancers due to its high content of antioxidants. Oxidative damage can lead to chronic inflammation which can lead to chronic diseases, such as cancers. Therefore, the high quantity of antioxidants in green tea help protect against oxidative damage. To get the most health benefits out of drinking green tea, avoid adding milk as this can reduce the antioxidant value. 

Cardiovascular diseases (such as heart disease and stroke) are the leading causes of death worldwide. However, drinking green tea can protect against this as it can improve the main risk factors, including improving total cholesterol levels. Keep your heart happy by drinking green tea. 

Wiang Kalong Green tea may also help prevent Type 2 diabetes as it can help improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels.  Drink green tea to protect yourself today. 

Improve Brain Function With Wiang Kalong Green Tea

Green tea can help brain function as it contains the stimulant caffeine in a dose size which is enough to produce a response without making you feel jittery the way coffee can. It creates a more stable source of energy which allows you to be more productive as it produces a milder and different kind of buzz to coffee. Switch your daily coffee out for green tea and notice the difference! 

Wiang Kalong green tea can also improve other aspects of brain function, such as mood (anti-anxiety), memory and reaction time! This is due to the brain-boosting compounds it contains which combine to have powerful effects in improving brain function. This can then help protect your brain from aging and potentially lower the risk of diseases such as dementia. 

Fight Tooth Decay With Wiang Kalong Green Tea

Green tea can benefit your oral health as it supresses the growth of bacteria, which can then lower the risk of infections in the mouth. This means it can help fight against plaque formation which causes cavities and tooth decay. So, don’t forget to smile while drinking green tea! 

Buy Green Tea From The Bay Of Plenty's Top Wellness Salons 

There are so many benefits to drinking green tea, so get started today for a healthier you! You can buy our gorgeous Wiang Kalong green tea from Krisada Thai Massage Salons in Te Puke and Mount Maunganui.  Visit our salons or call us on the numbers below.