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Relieve Tension In The Neck & Shoulders

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Take 15 minutes and enjoy a de-stressing express neck and shoulder massage over your lunchbreak or on your way to your next appointment at Krisada Thai Massage Salon in Mount Maunganui.

Looking down at a computer, phone or TV puts a strain on the neck and shoulder muscles which can lead to pain, stiffness and poor posture.  Stress, heavy lifting and exercise can also strain these areas and result in headaches, jaw pain and lower back problems.

If left untreated, you may end up with tightness and inflammation of the neck and shoulders.  A massage can soothe away aches and pains, loosen the muscles, relax tension and correct imbalances in posture, with each massage tailored to the individual.

Missed Appointment Policy: If your appointment is missed, cancelled or rescheduled within 6 hours of the scheduled time and is unable to be re-booked, the lessor of the treatment cost or $125 is charged to cover the cost of the lost appointment. 

Express Massages Krisada Thai Massage Salon in Mount Maunganui

The Benefits Of A Neck & Shoulder Massage

There are many benefits to having a neck and shoulder massage and we offer everything from a simple 15 minute express treatment to a longer, more in-depth massage at Krisada That Massage. By having a neck and shoulder massage you may enjoy the following benefits:


wellness heart health krisada thai massage salons mount maunganuiRecovery of muscle soreness


wellness heart health krisada thai massage salons mount maunganuiA reduction in migraines


wellness heart health krisada thai massage salons mount maunganuiLower stress and anxiety levels


wellness heart health krisada thai massage salons mount maunganuiA stronger immune system

Ease A Headache With A Neck And Shoulder Massage

Whilst there are many factors that can trigger a headache, one of the most common causes is tension in the muscles of your upper back, shoulders and neck.  Poor posture and stress can create tension across your scalp and forehead. A neck and shoulder massage can relax tight muscles in your neck allowing your head to be held in the correct position, reducing the severity and intensity of tension headaches and migraines, or could even prevent them altogether.

Neck And Shoulder Massages For Stress & Anxiety

We all hold stress and anxiety in different parts of our body however, muscles in the jaw, shoulders and neck are among the most affected. A natural response when under pressure, such as in a stressful or anxious situation, is to shrug your shoulders. This can result in tight, shortened muscles which never fully relax and can cause chronic pain. A neck and shoulder massage can help by softening the muscles and removing stored tension, leaving you with an overall feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Relieve Jaw Pain With A Neck & Shoulder Massage

Another response to stress or anxiety is to clench your jaw or even to grind your teeth. You may not be aware that you are doing it. Whether your jaw pain is caused by teeth grinding from stress, tightness in the neck or an imbalance in the muscles of the jaw, the pain is most often felt in the joint just in front of the ears.

A neck and shoulder massage can help by reducing stress in the body and relaxing tension in your muscles, reducing the damage done by clenching your teeth and can even prevent you from clenching at all.

Improve Your Posture - Have A Neck & Shoulder Massage

Too much computer or phone use, prolonged sitting or standing or previous injuries can all lead to poor posture. Whatever the original cause, untreated poor posture can often get worse and cause issues elsewhere.

If you are constantly looking at your phone, you are weakening the muscles at the back of your neck and shoulders. If you work with a computer you are likely to be shortening those muscles and causing tension. The result will be a change from the natural curvature of your neck and upper back. This can cause pain in the neck, shoulders or jaw, headaches, or even issues with the lower back. 

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Alleviate neck pain, headaches and posture issues with a Neck & Shoulder Massage with the Thai Massage experts at Krisada Thai Massage in Mount Maunganui. Book now by calling us on the number below or book easily and securely online.  You can find us on the corner of Totara Street and Rata Street and are welcome to park in one of our parking spaces.