Please note if your appointment is missed, cancelled or rescheduled within 6 hours of the scheduled time and is unable to be rebooked, the lessor of the treatment cost or $125 is charged to cover the cost of the lost appointment. 

ServiceDurationPriceBook Online Price
Thai Oil Massage45 m$85.00$75.00
Thai Oil Massage60 m$100.00$90.00
Thai Oil Massage90 m$135.00$125.00
Thai Oil Massage2 h$170.00$160.00
Thai Oil Massage3 h$245.00$235.00
Thai Remedial Massage45 m$115.00$105.00
Thai Remedial Massage60 m$135.00$125.00
Thai Remedial Massage75 m$155.00$145.00
Thai Remedial Massage90 m$170.00$160.00
Thai Remedial Massage2 h$205.00$195.00
Thai Remedial Massage3 h$275.00$265.00
Thai Foot Massage45 m$115.00$105.00
Thai Foot Massage60 m$135.00$125.00
Deep Tissue Massage45 m$80.00$70.00
Deep Tissue Massage60 m$95.00$85.00
Deep Tissue Massage90 m$135.00$125.00
Deep Tissue Massage2 h$170.00$160.00
Swedish Relaxation Massage60 m$90.00$80.00
Swedish Relaxation Massage90 m$125.00$115.00
Swedish Relaxation Massage2 h$160.00$150.00
Neck and Shoulder Massage30 m$45.00$35.00
Foot Massage30 m$60.00$50.00
Foot Massage45 m$80.00$70.00
Foot Massage60 m$95.00$85.00
Hot Stone Massage90 m$160.00$150.00
Hot Stone Massage2 h$195.00$185.00
Hot Stone Massage3 h$265.00$255.00
Hot Herbal Compress Massage90 m$160.00$150.00
Hot Herbal Compress Massage2 h$195.00$185.00
Pregnancy Massage60 m$100.00$90.00
Pregnancy Massage90 m$135.00$125.00
Pregnancy Massage2 h$170.00$160.00